YEM optimization: the platform that allows you to take advantage of the best market opportunities

Making forecasts and acting on the energy market become easier.

An agile, customizable and user friendly tool

Can be activated at any time

You can start optimizing indexed price contracts with fixing from signature until the end of the energy delivery period.

Adapted to your risk strategy

YEM optimization offers 3 levels of risk. The initial level can be changed with a click whenever you wish. The fixing calendars are automatically recalculated as the risk level changes.

Develop customized strategies

Add your own market forecasts into YEM optimization. Notifications will easily change depending on the forecast you choose. 

Native fixing recommendations are based on forecasts of local experts.

The final choice remains with you

YEM optimization provides a high technical support level, generating personalized fixing strategies according to market trends.

Monitor the progress of your strategy

To justify strategic choices, YEM optimization provides you comprehensive contract optimization reporting. It becomes easy to generate precise reports.

Enhance your contract in just a few clicks


Contract data


Your risk appetite


Online fixing calendars


Fixing tips by SMS or e-mail


Your strategy

Who do we turn to?

If you are a

yem energy cible 1

Energy Manager

within a company
  • Take advantage of price forecasts
  • Ensure the best strategies
yem energy cible 2

Procurement Manager

within the purchasing office of a company
  • Manage price risks
  • Set your price at the right time and make savings
yem energy cible 3

Key Account Manager

within a supplier company
  • Differenciate for competitors
  • Raise your margine
  • Fidelize your customers
Yem energy cible 4

Energy Consultant

within a consulting firm
  • Enhance the strategies you propose
  • Guide your clients in making savings

Maximum transparency with YEM optimization: here are our prices

At an advantageous price, more traders constantly monitor the energy markets for you!





  • Access to REF-E market forecasts
  • Choice between several risk management strategies
  • Constant market monitoring
  • Customized fixing tips via email or SMS
  • Support with our experts


3 000 €/year with 1 contract

  • Access to REF-E market forecasts
  • Choice between several risk management strategies
  • Constant market monitoring
  • Customized fixing tips via email or SMS
  • Support with our experts

Frequently asked questions about YEM optimization

The YEM optimization tool is designed for all standard B2B gas and electricity supply contracts at variable price with fixing. YEM experts are at your disposal to analyze the terms of your contracts. In case of further doubts please contact us!

Yes, you can start optimizing a contract at any time. Contract optimization can start from the date you sign the contract with your supplier until the end of the energy delivery period. However, the sooner you start optimizing, the greater the potential gains!

The following information is required: the type of energy, the minimum fixing period and the fixing already done. The required information is available on the contract or through your supplier.

YEM provides a program with optimal fixing dates based on your contractual parameters. YEM optimization allows you to have a dynamic view of market prices consistent with your chosen risk appetite.

By choosing a high, medium or low risk strategy, you tell the instrument whether you want to take more or less risk.

The strategies correspond to YEM algorithms based in particular on referenced partners’ economic intelligence and their energy market price forecasts.

YEM’s fixing tips cover 100% of your gas or electricity quantities for the fixing periods of your contracts.

YEM advises you on fixing operations at least 2 months before the beginning of each fixing period of your contracts. For example, we do not recommend fixing the period January-March 2021 beyond November 1, 2020. Risking on last-minute fixing is too risky a strategy that YEM does not consider or recommend.

Yes, at the beginning of optimization choose your risk strategy. But you can change this strategy at any time. This change will lead YEM to automatically and instantly recalculate your future recommendations. YEM allows you to manage the risks associated with an indexed contract by driving with 3 predefined risk levels. The risk you take increases the possibility of making a higher profit, but also increases the possibility of loss.

YEM only provides advice on fixing, but does not set prices.

It is up to you to decide whether or not to follow the fixing recommendations and if so, you should contact your supplier to apply the fixing recommendation.

The steps to apply the fixing recommendations:

– The recommendation was received via SMS or e-mail.

– Call your supplier to fix the price

YEM takes into account every new constraint to recalculate future optimizations. Please note that the relevance of our recommendations depends on the information we have on the real fixing operations. It is important to save the fixings you have actually made by following the simple process:

– Select the optimized contract in your YEM account and go to manage your fixings

– Insert in 3 clicks the fixing already made.

YEM allows you to manage the risks associated with choosing an indexed price contract with fixing by orienting yourself with predefined strategies. It will not guarantee you a gain compared to another strategy but it will give you all the elements to get it!

Yes! YEM sends its recommendations, but you are free to contact your supplier to request whether or not to set prices.

Massima trasparenza con YEM: ecco le tariff

YEM optimization

Launching offerta : 1500 € / anno / user 

1200 € TTC

Numeri di contratti in gestione: Illimitati

Numeri di Notificazione: Illimitate

Tacite renew: no