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“There can be no progress if you do not question everything that has been done previously. With YEM we want to question the way we do energy management, revolutionize it digitally. We want to create a community of professionals driven by the will to innovate in order to simplify.”

Nicolas Henn,

Founder / CEO

You can count on our solid experience in the energy field: we are a network of engineers, traders and analysts specialised in the field. Our aim is and always will be to offer those involved in the energy market our expertise, not just to give them advice or support.

YEM guides you in managing your energy contracts, simplifying their complexity. With YEM you can develop strategies and optimise your energy costs in a few simple steps. With us you can become competitive and bring your company up to date with what is happening in the energy market.

Our aim is to bring the services that an energy manager uses to optimise contract management onto a single digital platform. From offers for gas and energy supply contracts to customised strategies for variable price contracts.

We are convinced that by using digital technology we can optimise the time taken to manage energy contracts. Our aim is to make the negotiation and price-optimisation phase less time-consuming by eliminating bureaucracy and telephone calls between numerous intermediaries.

Price management in energy-intensive companies is often complex, especially in a market characterised by volatility, such as the energy market. The strategy to be applied must always combine up-to-date market and algorithm-based forecasts and take into account the needs of the company to achieve substantial savings.

The services offered by YEM guarantee quality and transparency. Quality is provided by YEM’s partners, by the daily commitment we put into the development of our products and, last but not least, by our suppliers, who are selected by a group of approved suppliers with whom we evaluate their professionalism and that of the client companies.

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In constant growth in several countries, we are always looking for new profiles: specialists in energy, marketing, algorithms, software, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your expectations and

awarded best Overall Energy Dealer 

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.”
Steve Jobs
Nicolas Henn
Founder / CEO
Antoine Beloeuvre
Louison Arnault
Business developper
Marco Mandarà
Country Manager, Italy
Anne Duval
Art Director
Giulia Romani
Content specialist
Alain Tran
Data scientist
Raphaël Weys
Eliana Danzi
Legal director

Our partners in
the energy market

Together for revolutionary energy management

At YEM we choose our partners because of their recognised expertise in the field of energy, but also for the COMMON WILL to make the management of energy markets: simple, accessible and smart!

Engie Global Markets (EGM) is an energy market expert. They are masters at organising and analysing complex information on energy market trends, the basis for accurate and detailed market forecasts.


How they work with us


EGM collaborates with YEM by sending each month (at least) the market statement of the previous month and the forecast for the following month. The market forecasts form the basis of our YEM opttimization solution. They allow us to guide clients in the optimisation of multi-click indexed contracts.

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