Did you contract energy at the right time?

Together with taxes, the matter fare is what places more strain on your bill. Now, the energy raw material market value can increase or decrease drastically from minute to minute. See for yourself by trying out our price simulator: did you contract energy at the right time?

2 major consequences for you:

  • To buy energy at a price fixed for the whole duration of your contract usually costs you more than buying it at a price indexed on the market value. Indeed, in the first case, the energy supplier charges you the cost of the responsibility of the risk due to market variations.
  • In the case of an indexed price, the more informed you will get about energy market trends, the better you’ll put yourself in the position of buying energy at the right time. Indeed, you will fix part of your energy price when the market is at its lowest.

YEM Solution

Thanks to YEM, you’ll soon be able to implement strategies to spread the risk and fix energy prices when the energy market is most favourable. We’re making it as easy as making a few clicks.